Saturday, April 17, 2010

Didi Benami Visits Alex Lambert at the "If I Can Dream" House

After being eliminated from American Idol Season 9, Didi Benami stopped by the "If I Can Dream " house to visit Alex Lambert, have dinner with the cast and answer Twitter questions from her fans.

When asked by a housemate what her favorite part of being on American Idol was, Didi answered, "Getting to perform on that big stage." To which Alex responded "don't mention it." It must have been a touchy subject, as Alex unfortunately never made it that far in the competition.

Didi told the housemates she can't wait to record an album. She "just wants to get her music out there."

Didi received a Tweet asking what was her favorite moment on Idol. Her response? "I really enjoyed meeting Siobhan (Magnus) and Crystal (Bowersox). Those were some of my favorite moments." It's a wonderful thing to hear. All the bright lights and hype of Hollywood won't be able to change what a sweet girl Didi is. Even after spending the last few months in front of the camera, being chased by fans and paparazzi, friendship is the most important thing to Didi Benami.

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  1. I thought the plug for "Mug" root beer was pretty funny. Of course I laugh at stupid things. I didn't like it when Didi wss voted off.